BANATerra - Une encyclopédie progressive du Banat -  Réalisation: Asociation Proiect Rastko Roumanie - Timisoara


 BANATerra est un projet initié et développé par l'association "BANATERRA" de Timisoara

L'équipe BANATERRA :

Dusan BAISKI (Roumanie) Initiateur du Projeckt, coordinateur et Webmaster pour la version roumaine 
KLADIVA Ottmar (Hongrie) - Webmaster pour la version hongroise 
Nick MARKOV (Roumanie) - Webmaster pour la version bulgare 
Spaso-Aca MLADENOVSKI (Serbie)  -  Webmaster pour la version serbe 
Eugen D. POPIN (Allemagne)Webmaster pour la version allemande 
Radu TRIFAN  (Roumanie) -   Webmaster pour la version anglaise 
Jean-Marie CHAPPÉ (France) - Webmestre pour la version française 

Dusan BAISKI (Romania) - initiator, coordinator, webmaster (romanian) -
Date of birth: 11 March 1955
Place of birth: Sânnicolau Mare, jud. Timi?, România
Qualification: Professional certificate in management (Open University Business School, GB)
Work experience: 
- 1973-1991, AEM Timi?oara (tehnical service)
- 1991-1997, AGENDA S.R.L. Timi?oara (mass-media), editor, social-economic department chief editor 
- 1997 - AS Computer GBG Timi?oara (marketing director);
- 1997-2007, AGENDA S.R.L. Timi?oara (mass-media), editor, social-economic department chief editor 
Major projects, publications:
- I wrote and published 7 book (short prose, poetry, theatre plays). I translated and published 8 books from serbian and taiwanese literature. I published works in 10 anthologies both in Romania and Serbia. I am present in 10 dictionaries in Romania, Serbia, USA.
Member of the Union of Writers of Romania since 1991.
Languages: Romanian, Serbo-croatian, French.
Personal website:

KLADIVA Ottmár (Hungary) - webmaster (hungarian)
Name: Ottmar Kladiva 
Date of birth: 30 September 1942
Qualification: Electrical Engineer, POLITEHNICA University of Timisoara
Work experience: 
- 1966-1972 ;ndash; Mechanical Manufacturing Works, Resica
- 1972-1984 ;ndash; University of Technology, Resica, tutor
- 1984-2007 ;ndash; Budapest University of Technology and Economics, National Technical Information Centre and Library, Department of National Research Registry, project consultant
Major projects, publications:
- university notes for 5 university lectures
- Hungarian-German Driver Dictionary 
- Electronic Circuits (4 volumes)
- The History of Industry in the Mountain Banat in Hungarian, German and Romanian languages, DVD (available on the Internet as well)
- Participation at the organization of European Iron Trail (contact person with the organizations of the Mountain Banat Industry History)
- Participation in the BANATerra project since November 2006, editor of the Hungarian sites
Languages: Hungarian, German, Romanian ;ndash; mother tongue level.
At present a pensioner, but continue the works with the Industry History of Mountain Banat, in BANATerra project and in the organization of the European Iron Trail.

Nick MARKOV (Romania) - webmaster (bulgarian)
I was born on March 19, 1961 in Be?enova Veche (currently Dude?tii Vechi), County of Timi?, Romania from Bulgarian parents. My father taught at the village school and my mother worked at the town hall.
I have attended kindergarten, primary school and first two high-school grades (9th and 10th) in Dude?tii Vechi and I have completed the 11th and 12th grades at the Industrial High-School No. 1 (currently ;ldquo;Henri Coand?;rdquo; High-School) of Timi?oara. I have been awarded my school leaving diploma in 1979.
Following the compulsory military service which I had to complete in Bucharest (1980-1981), in the school year 1982-1983 I worked as substitute teacher at the Primary School in Cheglevici, County of Timi?.
From 1984 until 1989 I was employed as clerk at ;ldquo;Întreprinderea de Aprovizionare, Desfacere ?i Transport pentru Industria Chimic? Bucure?ti;rdquo;, Timi?oara Branch.
At the time of the Revolution of 1989 I was employed as teacher at the Primary School of Livezi, County of Harghita.
During 1990 - 1992 I was one of the students of Mrs. Amita Bhose at the ;ldquo;Dalles;rdquo; University of Bucharest, where I have attended the Bengali and Sanskrit courses. This years of indian studies culminatet with publication of some translations in the newspaper ;bdquo;Literatorul;ldquo;, no. 14/1992 (editor-in-chief Marin Sorescu), issue dedicated to India. Soon after the professor Amita Bhose deceased, I enrolled myself at the ;ldquo;Sf. Kliment Ohridski;rdquo; University of Sofia, Bulgaria - Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages. I have attended for 5 years the Turkology courses (1992 - 1997). At present I am studiying journalism at ;ldquo;Spiru Haret;rdquo; University of Bucharest, Timi?oara Branch.
During the Revolution, on December 25, 1989 together with a friend of mine, Avram Gheorghe, we brought out a paper in 100 copies and we have called it ;ldquo;the newspaper of the Bulgarian community;rdquo;. We named it ;ldquo;Svetlina;rdquo; (The Light). It was the first publication of the Bulgarian minority in Romania, after the 45 years of communism.
In January 1990 we started to edit the "PG 33" magazine of the Bulgarians from the Banat Region. Same as ;ldquo;Svetlina;rdquo;, ;ldquo;PG 33;rdquo; was a bilingual publication, Romanian-Bulgarian, Bulgarian being present through the dialect spoken by us, the Bulgarians from the Banat Region, as well as through texts in the literary Bulgarian language. During 1990 - 1991 were published two issues and the third one was published only in 1998.
During 1999 - 2000 I was employed at the ;ldquo;Bratstvo;rdquo; Association of Bulgarians from Bucharest as editor of the publication ;ldquo;Luceaf?rul bulgar;rdquo; (The Bulgarian Evening Star). In this position I have edited the publication ;ldquo;Horizont;rdquo; for the Bulgarians from the Banat Region. From ;ldquo;Horizont;rdquo; were published 22 issues.
Since 2001 I am employed as editor at the Bulgarian Union of Banat - Romania, where I attend the editing of the publications ;ldquo;Na;scaron;a glás;rdquo; (Our Voice) and ;ldquo;Literaturna miselj;rdquo; (Literary Thought). I was involved in the editing of this publications right from their establishing. 
I like to believe that I was the first concerned with the promotion of the language, culture, traditions and customs of the Bulgarians from Banat on the internet. Since 1998 I have published a webpage including texts regarding the Bulgarians from Romania, in Bulgarian and Romanian, as well. Also the publication ;ldquo;Horizont;rdquo; could be read online, as well. Since 2000 I am also involved in the publication on the internet of the publications ;ldquo;Na;scaron;a glás;rdquo; and ;ldquo;Literaturna miselj;rdquo;. At the webpage may be also found other texts concerning the Bulgarians in general and the Bulgarians from Banat in particular: books published by the Bulgarian Union of Banat - Romania, other texts, music in MP3 format, photos.
Since August 2006 I have started to publish the first blog ;ldquo;Sveta ud pukraj námu;rdquo; (The World Next to Us, written entirely in the dialect of the Bulgarians from Banat, a novel publication at that time in the virtual space. Beside texts and photos, one can found here video materials, as well.
Since March 2007, at the initiative of Mr. Du?an Baiski, I attend the Banaterra Project,, preparing the page of the Bulgarians from Banat.

Spaso-Aca MLADENOVSKI (Serbia) - webmaster (serbian)

Eugen D. POPIN (Germany) - webmaster (german) -
Personal Information
Name : Eugen D. Popin
Birthday ; -place: 24.05.1951 Ciacova ;ndash; Romania
Nationality: German
Family status: married
Children: Serban Popin, born at the 01.08.1980
Education: 1958-1966: Primary School : ?coala general? Ciacova 
1966-1970: High School: Liceul teoretic Ciacova
1972-1974: Vocational training - medically technical assistant
Professional Career
1974 ;ndash; 1990: medically technical assistant - University hospital Nr.2 Timi?oara - Romania
since 1991: medically technical assistant ;ndash; Heart diseases hospital Bad Tölz - Germany
Additional Capabilities:
Languages: Romanian, German, Italian, Serbian, French.
Personal Skills and Competences:
Computer skills
Writer - Member in federation of German writers ( VS ) since 1999
Web master for literature magazine ;bdquo; Ulysse;ldquo; 

Radu TRIFAN (Italy) - webmaster (english)
Date of birth: 12 June 1982
Place of birth: Onesti, Romania
Occupation: student
Education and training: 
- Accounting and business studies diploma, Istituto Tecnico Commerciale, Torino, Italy
- Foreign trade, international marketing and international markets, Universit? di Milano Bicocca
- European Student Mobility Program ;bdquo;Erasmus;rdquo;, Universitaet Passau, Germany
Languages: Romanian, English, Italian, German, French.

Jean-Marie Chappé

Né en 1948 à Nancy (France / Lorraine) - email : 
Journaliste consultant et animateur d'une agence de presse spécialiste, entre autres, de contenus magazines hebdomadaires pour la presse quotidienne régionale. 
Actuellement, chargé de mission dans un centre de formation (École multimédia à Paris) pour la mise en place et le développement de formations presse et activités de conseil. (Ouest France, Dépêche du midi, Écho du Berry, Pyrenées presse, France Antilles, Le Parisien, Le Figaro, , Équipe magazine, Emap, Excelsior publications, Media participation, Liaisons, Rebondir, Télérama, Futur France, AFP, Arte France;hellip;). Missions d'études et de formation en Égypte, Tunisie, Côte-d'Ivoire, Pologne, Suisse, Luxembourg (Communauté européenne).
Senior Consultant pour la compagnie américaine 5W Mignon-Media basée à New YorkAprès dix-huit ans à diverses fonctions dans un groupe de presse régionale (agence détachée, secrétariat de rédaction, reportage, informatisation de la rédaction, infographie, création, organisation du travail et suivi éditorial et de production d'éditions dominicales de plusieurs titres du groupe en Champagne Ardenne, refonte de formules de plusieurs titres;hellip;), il a été responsable, de 1990 à 1998, de l'enseignement du secrétariat de rédaction, de la maquette, de l'infographie de presse et du photojournalisme au Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes (CFPJ) à Paris. Consultant médias et chef de projets papier et internet, il a une grande expérience de l'analyse pointue (décryptage de l'existant avec la collaboration d'experts spécialisés), de la conception, de l'organisation et de la production de publications diverses (quotidiens régionaux, numéros spéciaux, hebdomadaires régionaux, magazines spécialisés, journaux d'entreprise, suppléments, etc.)
Il anticipe l'évolution des techniques et s'intéresse aux médias modernes, de la télématique à l'internet, l'infographie, le multimédia dans leur aspect vecteurs d'informations. De par ses diverses fonctions, il exerce une activité de veille permanente sur l'évolution des médias.
A participé à plusieurs études prospectives du Conseil économique et social sur le devenir des industries de la presse.
Administrateur de l'OPCA de la presse Mediafor, depuis sa création, membre depuis 14 ans de la CPNEJ (Commission paritaire nationale de l'emploi des journalistes) et président en 2007.
Il enseigne le journalisme dans différentes universités et centres de formation, exécute des études et des missions d'expertise en France et à l'étranger. 
Il est, entre autres, l'auteur d'ouvrages sur l'infographie de presse (Editions du CFPJ, puis Victoires-Éditions - collection Métier journaliste) et de divers articles sur l'évolution de la presse et le rôle du secrétaire de rédaction (notamment in Le manuel du secrétaire de rédaction, L. Guéry, éditions du CFPJ).

Date de mise en ligne : 9 octobre 2006
Data de mise en place du domaine : 13 novembre 2006

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